Southern England Nature Photography Association
SENPA is currently involved in a range of projects across Southern England
Project title Description Project lead

BAP/Red Data species
(RSPB Images)

This project is seeking to record images of a range of BAP and Red Data Book species J. Cooper
Heathland restoration
Starting autumn 2005, this project will document the restoration work to remove woodland and re-create scarce heathland habitat in Farnham D. Tantram

Hampshire Wildlife Trust

A range of projects about nature conservation and to raise environmental awareness P. Emery
Aren't Birds Brilliant
(RSPB South East)
Providing images for this publicity support project J. Cooper
Library projects
(RSPB South East)
Building up an image library of different bird species, Special Protection Areas and RSPB reserves across the south east J. Cooper

West Sussex Biodiversity Project (WSBP)

Fixed-point photographic monitoring at Widney Brooks Bill Young, J. Cooper
Levin Down & Burton Pond
(Sussex Wildlife Trust)
Fixed-point photographic monitoring J. Cooper
Surrey Heathland Images of heathland species, current landscapes for 'then and now' comparisons with historical images and heathland grazing D. Tantram
Smooth snake re-introduction Documenting re-introduction of this protected species by the HCT (Herpetological Conservation Trust) D. Tantram
updated 9 August, 2006
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