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Dust removal - does it work?
We've all fought with dust to a greater of lesser extent. If you've been looking longingly at cameras with dust removal see this comparative test of dust removal in Canon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony DSLRs see more >>

Climate change

Follow the results from the largest climate experiment ever using
BBC climate change experimentdistributed computing
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Change on the heath
The Surrey Heathland Project have produced an exhibition showing how Surrey's heathland landscape has changed, along with the lives of the people who have lived and worked on it see more >>

May-June 2007
Heath week 2007 - Surrey
A week of fun activities on and around Surrey’s heaths. Bring the family along to hunt for butterflies and bugs, listen out for nightjars at dusk, and discover the night-time world of moths!
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August 2006
GPS for photographers
Sony has recently announced a very compact GPS unit & linking software to enable photographers to record where photographs are taken (using post processing) see more >> this may be limited to JPG use and the same can be accomplished with other software & GPS units.
June 2006
Takeover spree
Pixmantec sell Rawshooter rights to Abobe (see more >>) and Microsoft acquires iView see more >> Recognition and further development support for two good products or corporate consolidation reducing choice?
February 2006
RAW support in Windows XP™
At last Microsoft provides support for RAW files (Canon & Nikon at least). Read more on 'Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer' here >>

January 2006
Konica Minolta bow out...

Konica Minolta announce their withdrawal from the camera business, transferring assets to Sony
Sony launches new Alpha system with Konica/Minolta lens mount read more >>

Summer 2005
Return of Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warblers are nesting on Ockham Common again for the first time since the 1960s

surrey wildlife trust >>
Red Deer, New Forest © D. Tantram
Red Deer, the 'rut' New Forest 2005. © Dominic Tantram
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