Southern England Nature Photography Association
We welcome all members who share our aims

SENPA currently concentrates its work in the counties of Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey. However, we also work outside this area and welcome members from all locations.

SENPA members follow a code of conduct and work within the Association's operating terms
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Pete Emery
Bill Young
Bill has worked (and still does) in science education and environmental science for about 30 years, and has been an active conservation volunteer with Sussex Wildlife Trust since the late 1970s. Latterly involved in raising the Trust's profile through a "Roadshow". He has always been a keen photographer, progressing to nature photography in recent years
Jackie Cooper
An IT specialist for 25 plus years, I have been fortunate enough to benefit from some excellent years in the IT industry and feel the time has come to dedicate the next stage of my life to helping the conservation of the countryside that most people love so much. To couple this desire with my passion for photography and maybe, just maybe help in a small way seems a great goal to aim for
Dominic Tantram
Dominic is an environmental scientist who spends too much time infront of a PC analysing and writing about the environment but not being in it. He is a keen photographer and uses SENPA as an excuse to escape to the real world. Having taken lots of landscapes and natural history subjects, Dominic is now using the opportunity provided by digital capture to try wildlife photography
Jeffrey Mansfield
Having given up teaching others to use computers I now have more time to use as my own and to enjoy the beauty of the Southern English countryside. I work at the local Wildlife Trust as a volunteer and campaign to promote traditional country activities
Steve Langham gallery >>
Steve is a scientist in the civil service who enjoys escaping from his desk to experience the wildlife of his local heathland. Having developed a fascination with reptiles, his photography was initially limited to identifying individuals for monitoring. This led to an interest in developing his camera skills and widening the scope of his work to include portraits of these cryptic animals, and other wildlife he encounters
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