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Nature photography groups
North East WildlifeNorth East Wildlife/Eye on the North is a site dedicated to providing free natural history images to registered charities/schools/countryside teams
SEEINGSouth East England Independent Nature Group. Recently re-launched, SEEING is a group of nature photographers with similar aims to SENPA.
ILCPInternational League of Conservation Photographers - launched as a platform to empower conservation-minded photographers to use their talents to help create a culture of appreciation, understanding, and stewardship for the natural world.
IPSEIPSE (Independent Photography in the South East of England) is a loose organisation of independently-minded photographers who share a passion for photography, but who prefer to 'plough their own furrow'.
FotonetFotonet was set up in 1999 as a project to develop and promote photography in the southern region.
The Online Photographer Intelligent and considered thoughts on photography
DP ReviewDigital Photography Review, news and reviews in great detail + discussion forums
Luminous LandscapeLandscape and outdoor photography essays and reviews
Nature PhotographersOnline (US) magazine
Insect Macro PhotographyA personal site, with useful tips and some excellent images from a compact camera
Photodo.comDatabase of lens test results
Norman KorenA great site with lots of excellent tutorials (US)
Earthbound lightTips and tricks
Photo-iA good site for interesting reviews, especially some printers
Information & Information
SARG Surrey Amphibian & Reptile Group. Lots of species information, news and activities
RSPB A-Z of UK birdsOnline bird guide with song and video
English NatureLots of nature conservation information. See 'Nature on the map' for the location of sites and reserves
MAGICMulti-Agency Geographic Information for the Countryside - Interactive map with nature-conservation and landscape designations
NBN GatewayThe National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Gateway provides access to species information and distribution maps
What's this caterpillar?Online identification for British & European caterpillars
Dragon/damselfly ident British Dragonfly Society Checklist of UK Species
Wildlife Trusts
Hampshire & IOWThe Wildlife Trust for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
SurreyThe Wildlife Trust for Surrey
SussexThe Wildlife Trust for Sussex
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