Southern England Nature Photography Association
SENPA is a group of talented photographers who are committed to helping conservation organisations
Six-spot burnet moth © Bill Young
Six-spot burnet moth (Zygaena filipendulae) © Bill Young
Silver-washed fritillary © Jackie Cooper
Silver-washed fritillary (Argynnis paphia) © Jackie Cooper
Fox © Dominic Tantram
Vixen (Vulpes vulpes) © Dominic Tantram

What is SENPA?

SENPA is a not for profit group dedicated to supporting nature conservation and run by volunteers.
What does SENPA offer?
  • Conservation organisations with the use of high-quality photography.
  • Photographers who are experienced and skilled in photography and who are enthusiastic about nature photography and conservation.
  • People who want to work with nature conservation organisations.
  • Co-ordination of activities and a larger pool of individuals to help with promotional activities.
  • Licences to use images are donated for free to conservation organisations in return for help in providing access to sites and knowledge to help photographers capture images and develop their understanding of subjects.
What do SENPA members get?
  • A focus for their work.
  • The opportunity to gain access to reserves and information to capture images.
  • Access to expert knowledge to improve their ability get the best image.
  • Recognition and publication.
  • Possibility of promoting the work of conservation groups through exhibitions and the opportunity to sell some images!
  • A sense of community to share knowledge and skills with other like-minded people.
How does SENPA operate?
All SENPA members follow SENPA's Operating Terms and Conditions and adhere to the SENPA Code of Conduct.
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updated 5 July, 2006
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